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 Southeastern Dental Solutions is a dental regenerative biologics company focused on providing industry leading products for Guided Bone Regeneration and Guided Tissue Regeneration procedures for Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology.   We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced surgical products at competitive prices.   Southeastern Dental Solutions is constantly developing and manufacturing high quality dental biologics with the customer in mind.  We proudly bring you products that allow for innovative surgical solutions, while at the same time, we strive to make grafting more predictable for our surgeons.

 Southeastern Dental Solutions is dedicated to providing  the latest technologies and the best support for our customers in the dental market, while also maintaing a educated staff trained specifically on tissue regeneration and advanced surgical techniques.  Either in person, online, or over the phone, let our educated staff  answer all of your questions regarding your grafting needs.  Dentistry has had knowledgable and well trained implant representatives at their discretion for years, Isn't it time for clinicians to have the same assistance from regenerative biologics representatives.

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Monthly Specials

Revitalize Traditional & Combination Allograft Particulates

  • Buy 6, Get 1 Free

Allograft Demineralized Bone Matrix Putty

  • Buy 10, get 1 Free

Allograft Mineralized Cortical Bone Pins

  • Buy 10, Get 1 Free

Resorbable Membranes & Natural Barrier Grafts

  • Buy 5, Get 1 Free

Latest News

  • Check out our new lines of combination allograft particulates and Demineralized Bone Matrix products.

  • We have also lauched our New 100% Cortical Bone Pins for those unpredictable grafting cases. 


  • Please visit our website and check back regularly as we continue to lauch new product lines.

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